Energy Management & Consulting Firms

Maybe you’re wondering “what on Earth is energy management” and then again maybe you know exactly what these consulting firms offer. Either way let’s dive in to the benefits of hiring a professional energy consultant.

Did you know that many commercial, industrial and governmental organizations can actually negotiate their energy rates? Well it’s true. Enter the energy management consultant.

The objective of energy consulting or advisor firms is to help reduce operational costs by negotiating energy procurement at a discount rate. Essentially…getting cheap energy!

However worth noting is that there is an increasing demand for corporate social responsibility as companies move to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. As such we are seeing more and more energy consultants focusing more of their attention on helping these corporations become more socially conscious with regards to the environment.

Image courtesy of ESM – Marketing for Energy Services

Enterprise energy management aims to reduce exposure to volatile energy markets like electricity and natural gas. In fact, as of this writing the natural gas sector is suffering a massive downtrend in demand giving leverage to enterprises seeking to reduce their costs.

Now that you’ve gotten the elevator pitch on what energy consultants and management firms do let’s deep dive in to why they are so incredibly important.

Logistics including planning, operations, efficiency and enviro-impact all play roles when auditing energy production and consumption in order to procure discounted energy rates. According to the VDI-Guideline 4602, the definition of energy management, including monetary benefits is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet the requirements, taking in to account environmental and economic objectives.

Ok so now you’re educated on what and energy advisory firm does now who does it best?

Let me introduce you to the premier energy consultant in Texas. QuotEnergy is an energy consulting services company with a historic track-record of providing incredible discounted energy rates to corporate enterprises and school districts alike.

QuotEnergy was established in 2016 by renowned energy management advisor Glencora Ore. With a history of being one of the best energy procurement specialists in Texas, Glencora has clients spanning government, manufacturing and high-end verticals as top salesperson some of the nation’s largest energy-procurement and advisor firms as an independent broker with deep understanding of deregulated markets since 2001.

If you’re in the market for cheaper energy rates for your organization or enterprise, think about calling QuotEnergy and get your energy evaluation done today!