4 New Technologies In Oil Exploration

Oil exploration and drilling is a very complex task. After lots of trials and errors, you may get your desired result. Innovations in technologies make the oil exploration task easier and more cost-effective. Here are the latest technologies available in the field of oil exploration.

Use of software and sensors

Software and sensors can be used to find the exact location where the right amount of sand, chemicals, and water can be used to get maximum volume of oil that can be produced.

Use of microbes

Some little organisms are present in oil fields that are flooded with water. These microbes can be used to maximize oil production. A special nutrient mix is made for the microbes. This stimulates them to get attached to oil and they start breaking it up making it easy to flow between rocks. This way more oil can be extracted.

Use of laser technology

Laser can be used to find out drill locations. There are oil deposits in the shale formations under the water. Photons from the laser will bounce back from these rock formations and help to find out the appropriate location for drilling.


Simulation technology can be used to increase production. The way simulating fluids interact with rocks can help to determine where to drill. Combining this technology with the advanced drilling capability lets increased production of oil.

Many oil companies are adopting these technologies to improve their exploration and drilling process. These technologies have improved oil production significantly and reduced the cost of production also.